CHUP Socks


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 Even though the socks don't use any rubber, it don't slip down easily, giving you a new feel that makes you feel like you're not wearing socks.
 The socks don't feel too tight, however don't slip off easily, making them ideal for people who are concerned about leaving rubber marks when they take them off, or for those whose feet tend to swell and feel pressured by socks.


<Secret of anti-falling>

The friction between the silicone printed on the inside and the skin prevents the socks from slipping off, and the silicone material is gentle or solf on the skin.
 The thickness of the silicone print is approximately 0.2mm, so it feels so natural that you won't even feel it touching your skin.


<Comfortable to wear>

 For the toes, we have introduced ”hand linking'', which is applied by craftsmen at a glance, with an emphasis on better comfort.
 Therefore, all of process succeed feet does not get feel touch the seams toe and so we smoothly to wear.

Size:S size (23-25cm)

Women's   US 6-8                Men's   US 5-7
                   EU 36.5-39                     EU 37.5-40
                   UK 4-6                            UK 4.5-6.5

M size(25-27.5cm)
 Women's   US 8-10.5                Men's   US 7-9.5
                   EU 39-42                             EU 40-43
                   UK 6-8.5                              UK 6.5-9

Materials: cotton, polyester, polyurethane (inner print: silicone).