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WASILK (Ankle)

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The socks return to earth and soil

Silk and Washi(Japanese paper)are natural and biodegradable fiber Because It is decomposed by microorganisms in the soil over time. One of the goals of the SDGs is #12Ensure sustainable consumption and production Manage natural resources sustainably and use them efficiently

<Using this yarn made 
from Japanese paper “WASHI”>

 Japanese paper ”WASHI” in a roll

 The process of cutting slits and making yarn

 Basically, this socks use WASHI yarn in factory in Ichinomiya, Aichi prefecture.
 It is a yarn made by shred cutting WASHI paper. The yarn is good for environment.
 It is characterized by its light weight and refreshing texture.

・ “Japanese WASHI paper” has excellent moisture            absorption and breathability.
・ “Silk” has excellent moisture absorption and                 moisture release properties.
・ "Diatomaceous earth fiber" with humidity control         function.
 The diatomaceous earth fiber used in this socks is that the textile is made by pulverizing diatomaceous earth from Noto, Ishikawa prefecture into fine particles and kneading it into polyester during spinning.  

WASILK uses Washi-paper yarn and Silk yarn.When you wear it all day, you won’t smell because both of them have antibacterial and deodorizing disposition.


 Size: One size only (23 - 27.5cm)
        Women's          Men's
          US 6-10.5          US 5-9.5
          EU 36.5-42        EU 37.5-43
          UK 4-8.5            UK 4.5-9
 Length: Ankle
 Material: Silk, non-designated fiber (Japanese WASHI paper), rayon, polyester, nylon, polyurethane