LIFELONG by CHUP(The Tough Socks )

 We, GLEN CLYDE inc place importance on how we action to SDG’s GOAL 12 of THE 17 GOAL “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns” our original Socks merchandise.

LIFE LONG are tough and durability functional socks made with CODURA yarn.

Because the socks can be used and worn for a long time, its disposal term is overwhelmingly long,
As a result LIFE LONG is eco-friendly socks that reduce waste.

SDG’s GOAL 12:Goal 12 | Department of Economic and Social Affairs (



Japan's first Cordura yarn LIFE LONG Socks might possibly be the last socks you buy.


Socks are expendable items. Throw them away and buy another pack. Doesn't everyone think that way? Going against such "common sense", GLEN CLYDE inc , the makers of CHUP Socks, wanted to make socks about which we could say, "Your socks won't develop any holes or tears for the rest of your life!" Such was the spirit of challenge and determination behind the creation of these LIFE LONG  .

LIFE LONG are knitted with Invista's highly durable material, Cordura. Cordura boasts 7 times as much strength as normal yarn, and is famously used in various bag and outdoor goods brands. Our socks made with Cordura have an amazing durability of 6 to 10 times more than ordinary cotton socks, scientifically tested and verified.

LIFE LONG all use Cordura yarn from top to bottom, not just in the sole portions of the socks, which is the minimum for socks to be able to use the Cordura name. Normally, in order for an item to be considered as having passed the abrasion test, it must actually pass 500 times; major brands with strict standards have set the bar at 1,000 times or more. However,LIFE LONG clear the abrasion test more than 30,000 times in the spirit of never ending research and development to improve durability. 

Have confidence that your LIFE LONG can withstand harsh environments as well as bring you style and comfort in your day to day use and outdoor activities. Many socks may claim "our socks don't develop holes", but not many socks actually live up to those claims. We want to share with you our determination to share a lifetime with customers who love this sock.
Finally, as you can see for yourself, the stylishness of Glen Clyde is embodied in our LIFE LONG , so that you may confidently and comfortably wear these socks with any ensemble in any area of your life.