CHUP Socks


Precio habitual ¥45

<Made of high quality wool & silk>


 The silk on the inside absorbs the sweat you when you wear it desorption moisture away, and more absorbs it further out ward.

 The silk used on the inside is absorbed yarn that has been specially processed.
 If you look carefully and closely at a single  yarn, you will see that five fingers are raised.
 Small and little air layer makes to create enhance the reflected heat effect.
 By intentionally brushing the fibers a soft texture has been achieved.
 It is as warm and comfortable as wearing a high-quality blanket.


<Five-finger structure that warms 
each finger one by one.>

 Everyone sweats.
 The sweat between your each fingers remain sweaty on your skin and it gets cold.
 Then first step is that sweat foot absorb from the skin as much as possible.
 It is important to prevent cold sweat from remaining. The five-finger structure absorbs sweat between the fingers further increasing the warming effect.


<Trusted Japanese made>

 Five-finger socks used to knit extremely rare knitting machine.
 We looked to searched all over Japan and miraculously found it.
 It is not efficient as it takes 2 pairs per an hour to knit delicately socks with this machine. 


Size: One size only
Length: 45cm (open to toe) 
Materials: Wool, Silk, Nylon, Polyurethane.