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LIFE LONG TS-5 socks is that dress socks are necessary for dress up and suit styling coordinate. Ribbed socks style that makes your feet look sharp and goes good matches with various shoes. The socks has a smooth hand linking finish process as this socks do not touch for your toe.

LIFE LONG SOCKS used for back yarn part of heel and Toe (CORDURA NYLON 100%).

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Materials: Nylon,Cotton,Polyurethane


  • Knitted with Invista's highly durable material, Cordura. 
  • Cordura yarn boasts 7 times as much strength as normal yarn.
  • Amazing durability of 6 to 10 times more than ordinary cotton socks, scientifically tested and verified.
  • Use Cordura yarn from top to bottom, not just in the heel, toe, and sole portions of the socks, which is the minimum for socks to be able to use the Cordura name.
  • Normally, in order for an item to be considered as having passed the abrasion test, it must actually pass 500 times. However, LIFE LONG socks clear the abrasion test more than 30,000 times.

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