Terry Loop Comfort Socks

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Our Glen Clyde Terry Loop Comfort Sock, made of Merino wool, are knitted to realize superb cushioning and insulation, moisture wicking and dryness, and cozy comfort and warmth. The inner yarn shows through to result in a rustic, speckled look.

The thick interior terry loop knit is for the entire length of the sock, up to the elastic cuff portion, providing cushion and secure fit all day. Designed to be easy on your feet and not too tight, these socks are suitable for an indoor kind of afternoon, braving the chilly outdoors for a walk or commute to work, or just cushy pleasure for your feet for anytime of year.

Yarn composition: Wool 93% polyester 5%, polyurethane 2%.

One size: 23 - 28 cm. Approx. US men's 6 - 11; US women's 5 - 12. (See sizing guide on our FAQ page.)

These socks use washable Merino wool yarnOf course, wool is well known for its breathability, making it a superb choice for winter and actually any time that you want your feet not to get too moist. 

  • Washable wool shrinks less when washed than normal wool.
  • Merino wool is known for its softness and shine,
  • and its hypoallergenic properties.