relacks BLIND(short)

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"Take it easy! Slow down!"

No more compromising. No more getting a pair or pack just because they fit. No more accepting flimsy just because they are 'fancy-looking enough'. 

relacks are one-size, bringing vibrant colors, unbelievable comfort, and superb quality. No gimmicks, no nonsense. Start looking forward to what you put on your feet!

  • One-size means they fit a huge range of foot sizes and shapes comfortably. 
  • Gentle fit with a capital G. Pull them on, take them off with one hand. But they don't slide down your leg! No more imprints of the elastic on your leg.
  • Have enough volume/thickness to keep your feet warm.
  • The colors and designs speak for themselves - from the playful to the subdued yet refined.

Sizing is 22 cm - 27 cm.

  • US women's 5.5 - 12; Euro women's size 36 - 43; UK women's size 4 - 10.
  • US men's 5- 10.5; Euro men's size 36 - 44; UK men's size 4.5 - 10.5.