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“Joiku”, the traditional songs sung by the Sami people, who herd reindeer and live in Lapland of the far north. These songs are said to contain stories of animals, such as wolves and reindeer, and of nature, such as the moon, sun, rivers, and mountains. “Joiku” are also said to have been composed for those most valuable people, animals, and places.

Materials: Wool, nylon, polyurethane.

There are many kinds of yarn and through our experience of decades in the socks business, we use yarns that are particularly suited to socks. For CHUP, certainly only the most optimal yarns that help realize the low-gauge construction and vivid designs will do!

These socks use washable Merino wool yarn. Washable wool shrinks less when washed than normal wool. Merino wool is known for its softness and shine, as well as its hypoallergenic properties. Of course, wool is well known for its breathability, making it a superb choice for winter and actually any time that you want your feet not to get too moist.